House no. 30

Episode 2 ( House no. 30 )

"The queue is....urghh very long! What should I order?" Zafran was waiting in the queue in front of the Subway counter.

"Shammi Kebab with all veggies, all sauces. Honey & oats bread toasted with cheese. As you have always liked it. Accha do my Vocab revision with me." Said Krishna.

 Zafran was thinking all this as she was sitting in the auto moving through the streets of the IAS colony. A lot of unorganised traffic, with people honking for no reason. India was the same everywhere. Just the streets got narrow and the roads shrinked. Yes there was poverty, still people helped.

"Lijiye Madam, aa gya Patliputra. Ghar ka no. Btaiye. Aapko beech road me nhi utaarenge" said the auto waala. "Bhaiya house no. 30..........peehu!" Zafran saw peehu standing in the same lane. She jumped out of the auto, hit her head hard on the roof of the auto and fell. "Zafran you can never stop being clumsy! Humko laga kuch toh change aaya hoga after Delhi. But no!" Peehu hugged Zafran. It was the longest hug ever. They met after an year.

As they entered the house, it was weird but Zafran went directly to the dining table. The dining table had bottles of Aam ka achar, and lehsun ka achar. And a platter that shocked Zafran. "It has no litti chokha? What is this?" Said Zafran.

"Haha. That's some expression on your face Zaffu. Well, let me explain you what's there in every section. Sattu.... "   

..   to be continued

Hey guys, stay tuned to know what was their on the plate as the picture shows above that broke the monotony of Litti Chokha in Zafran's mind. It's gonna be fun!


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