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When is the flight?

Episode no. 2/2 ( Patliputra )

"Hey Zafran. When is your flight landing at Patna today? The food is waiting." said Peehu. Peehu was Zafran's old school friend who lived with her parents there.

"Peehu! I am just packing for the Bihari food trail trip. What has aunty made though? Litti Chokha?" asked Zafran curiously. "Haha. More than that. We are not just about the Litti Chokha. This Food trail is going to change your perception and stereotype about the place for sure. I am glad you're coming." said Peehu.

"When is the flight? Do you really want to do this?" said Krishna. A place, so much of news about it, people were really taken aback by the name of Bihar. Pretty understood. "Yes. I want to." Zafran zipped the other chains of the bag and sat in the cab waiting outside.

" Bhaiya, Patli... put.. ye padh k bataana. Idhar chaloge?" Said Zafran firmly holding her luggage outside the Patna Airport. "Madam Patliputra h…

Zafran's Bihari Food Trail

Episode no. 1/2  ( Litti Chokha?)

"I can only recall corruption, cows and litti chokha whenever someone asks me about Bihar.", said one of the girls passing by the M block in Connaught Place.

"Litti chokha? Is that all you guys eat in Bihar?" asked a young man, who was ironically filming a vlog on the streets of CP on 'Who are Biharis' to a girl.

Zafran overheard the conversation. She was naive about the place itself & the culture they attached with their food. She thought the girl must have meant something of existence when she narrowed down the place just to a person and a dish. Her being skeptical about the whole incident led to the inception of an idea. An incident at times is enough to make you realise. So, in order to find out, she decided to go around, observe & learn about the stereotype. And what way could be better than food? She plans to leave on a food quest to find out what's cooking in every bihari household of different parts of t…