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Zafran and Art Chocolat

Zafran and Art ChocolatZafran wondered if cacao beans can have such an interesting history as she held the piece of delicately crafted chocolate in her hand and popped it in her mouth. "Mhm, the flavour of rose petals in the chocolate ganache tastes so heavenly. The aroma of rose with the dark chocolate is a divine treat to my senses. No wonder people used cacao pods as a currency in the ancient times." She thought to herself. 
"Where did you store your chocolates earlier? I always stored it in the refrigerator. I never knew that chocolates were supposed to be kept in a cool and dry place." said Krishna as both of them twirled around the chocolate counter together. "And did you know that the milk chocolates that we Indians relish so much were an accidental invention by the owner of Nestle? I thank god for that mistake! At least we have our milk chocolates handy." Zafran laughed as she gulped down another piece of the dark delicacy with roasted coffee beans…