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Did you meet your Mr. Batata Puri yet?


Bhagalpuri silk beauties and a stranger

"Do you know, I had almost missed it. Thank god I made it here on time. Phew." said Zafran, slightly carressing the bhagalpuri silk sarees that Peehu showed her one after another, overflooding the bed with silk. "What? Your flight? I thought you were only late for your classes in College." said Peehu.  "No doubt I wonder you were only punctual till school."

"Not like that! I was sort of ready to leave Delhi. Packed everything on time. Krishna helped too. But, T3 urghh. So many people, such long queues. I knew I was late. But you won't believe what just happened in the utter madness!" Zafran seemed mysteriously excited and funny.

"What could it possibly be. You fell at the aisle and embarrassed yourself. Oh uhm or wait! You again got your bag seized and realised it when you reached here that you're doomed." Peehu never missed a chance to tease her.

"Arre baba I know that noone can overrule me in being clumsy, but that does…