Did you meet your Mr. Batata Puri yet?

Visit Maurya Lok, Patna to meet Mr. Batata Puri at every other Batatapuri stall cart scattered around the place. 

"Have you ever fallen in love? Those butterflies in your stomach. The fear and rush of the unknown that tickles you. I wonder." sighs Peehu sitting at the edge of the deewan in the living room. She sat with a plate full of half cut fruits out of which a few she sliced patiently. One at a time. Apples were glad to be cut in graceful halves and quarters. Muskmelons so tender and soft, she runs the sharp stainless knife through the fruit, carving perfect arches. "Not really." Zafran raised her eyebrows and pinched her, making the kiwi drop from her hands.  "Mr. Batata Puri!" screams Peehu. "It's him! The love of my life." "Mr. Batata Puri?" asks Zafran.

"Yes. I saw him at different places. Once when I went shopping with my mother when I was around 9. It was love at the very first sight. My first ever crush. We exchanged glances as Mumma was busy bargaining with the Saree waala in one of the shops in Khaitan market. He was different. People surrounded him and waited for their turn to meet him. Then..Then" Peehu was about to complete her lines as Zafran interrupted. 

"Are you crazy? You didn't even tell me about it. A 9 years old's crush. Where is he even from?"

"I don't know exactly. But as it has always been, his origins are from the beaches of Juhu chaupati, and the lanes of aamchi Mumbai. People call him with a different name there. But in Patna, he has always been Mr. Batata Puri. His fame and aura are so electrifying, girls talk about him after their tuitions in Maurya lok. Boys get inspired for their after football chit chats near his thelas in Boring road. I have had my constant dates with him, every other day after my Accounts classes. I have felt guilty after the meetings, though I simply couldn't resist a second time and it has been forever since then.

Peehu was head over heels and this was a true love story featuring Mr. Batata Puri. "I miss him at times when I go to Delhi. I don't see much of him. I looked at all the stalls where he met people here, the redi waalas, and the chaat shops. But he is nowhere." says Peehu with a relatively heavy tone.

Mr. Batata p
uri seems heroic and pleasantly entertaining to me. Zafran had a bundle of questions to ask Peehu. "What does he look like? Show me his photo. What's so special about him that is so captivating. I want to know." Zafran snatched Peehu's phone as they had the funniest game of 'Tug of war'. 

What she saw was hilarious. Here we present Mr. Batata Puri to you:

Get these puris from any local shop that sells golgappe or bhelpuri or a grocery store. Store them in an air tight container for further use. They have a shelf life of 15 days if you get them from a local bhelpuri vendor.

Spread the boiled potatoes over nicely arranged puris. Make sure you have strained the water out of the boiled potatoes. 

Spread finely chopped onions now. 

Sprinkle some salt over it and squeeze some lemon. Sprinkle sprinkle! Yay. 

Now we need to put two chutneys:

-Meethi tamatar aur saunth ki chutney
-Chatpati hari mirch ki chutney 

After done with the chutneys, sprinkle with love lots of sev and finely chopped coriander. We're done! Welcome your Mr. Batata Puri home.



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